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Scripts can't find correct backup set


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R 7.0 WXP 200G EHDD

This subject doesn't describe my problem well. I recently deleted from my HDD some files from no-longer used backup sets, and I tried to simplify the HDD directory structure. This probably caused a problem.


Some of the HDD retrospect files are now shown in blue, when viewed with Windows Explorer. I don't know what that means. When I now run a script for, say, "Backup Quicken 2007", a screen opens asking me to "select a disk to add as storage for Quicken 2007" and that it was groomed but didn't free up enough space... I can't seem to provide it with the proper answer. I have created several new backup sets like 2-Backup Shared instead of 1-Backup Shared in order to get it to work. I believe I had to run an immediate backup instead of a scripted backup to create the "2" backup since it wouldn't use the "1-" Backup Set (why, I don't know).


What's the proper approach to straighten out my HDD directory structure and what do I need to change in the naming of backup sets? Should I just reformat the HDD, delete all the backup sets and start again? I don't really want to do that.



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I've had similar problems before too. If you move the folder where the data is stored, Retro will chuck a fit and refuse to let you define the new location of the data. Sometimes this happens by complete accident - eg I boot up without the right disk in the drive, retro can't find the data and then I'm screwed.


Anyone know the solution to this? Every time its happened I've had to clear all my backups and start from scratch. Not Ideal.




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