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delete old restore points AND recover catalogue


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I have two problems. I was trying to solve them with what already exists on the forum, but since I’ve just made things worse I’ve decided to stop and ask for help.


I have a Maxtor OneTouch II (80G) with Retrospect Express for Windows 1.1.127.


My original problem is that, since last week, when I try to backup my computer Retrospect runs for a few minutes and then stops—no error message, but also no backup. After four or five rounds of this, I finally got the error messages:


-808 (key/refnum search failed)

-1115 (disk full)


And in fact, the Maxtor is 99.9% full, mostly with old restore points.


MY FIRST PROBLEM is therefore how do I get Retrospect to automatically delete old restore points like it is supposed to? The best I could understand on this from the forum is that Retrospect doesn’t automatically delete old restore points like it’s supposed to, and that I need to manually delete old restore points from the restore window. Is this correct?? I still haven’t seen a clear response to this problem of how to delete old restore points, so please let me know.


Anyways, working off the idea that I needed to manually delete the old restore points which are clogging up the Maxtor, I went into the restore window to manually delete some old restore points, only to find that all of a sudden the only thing Retrospect recognized on this disk anymore are the 4 oldest snapshots—whereas just a few days ago I had something like 15 snapshots. Trying to figure that one out, I ran across the Knowledgebase article entitled, “Restore Points aren’t showing in Retrospect ExpressHD.” It said that I should go into the Maxtor drive through Windows explorer and delete the RestorePoint.rbc catalog file, restart Retrospect, and that Retrospect would then rebuild the RestorePoint.rbc catalog file. I did this, but Retrospect didn’t rebuild the catalog file—every time I relaunch it, it just shows zero restore points available.


So MY SECOND PROBLEM is how do I get my old snapshots back now? Why isn’t Retrospect rebuilding the catalogue file like the tech article says it should?



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I don't think EMC/Dantz has a solution for this, or they would have posted it by now. Others, myself included, have asked this question for months without getting any response from the moderators. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I now doubt that EMC can fix this. Sorry.



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