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Error 504 Trouble Creating Service

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I am running Retrospect Multi-Server 7.5.370 with Driver Update and HotFix version on a Windows XP Pro machine. It's attached to a Exabyte VXA-172 10 Tape SCSI Autoloader. Our backups have been working fine. We just recently decided to review some of the processes to make them better. One that we have tried to fix is the backup of a linux server. Before we were using SAMBA and mapping a drive to it on the Backup Server. We decided to give the Client software a try. So I installed retroclient-75_linux.rpm (Client Version 7.5.112) on our Fedora Core 4 Server. Everything started off great but about halfway into the backup it stopped with Code:

Trouble reading files, error -540 (trouble creating service)


Here is the log from the linux machine: Code:


[root@itserver client]# cat /var/log/retroclient.log

1174507727: ConnStartListen: starting thread ConnStartListen for

1174507727: iplud: bound to address

1174507727: ipludAddMembership: adding membership for

1174507733: IPNSRegister(1): registered: "itserver.domain.com"/"2443df430f7990ba"

1174507733: ConnStartListen: starting thread ConnStartListen for

1174507739: IPNSRegister(1): registered: "itserver.domain.com"/"d6437525653ffe25"

1174509337: Connection established by

1174509348: IPNSRegister(0): registered: "IT Server"/"d6437525653ffe25"

1174509358: ConnReadData: Connection with closed

1174509810: Connection established by

1174510415: ConnReadData: Connection with closed

1174510428: Connection established by

1174510442: ConnReadData: Connection with closed

1174510451: Connection established by

1174510500: ConnReadData: Connection with closed

1174510504: Connection established by

1174510534: ConnReadData: Connection with closed

1174510607: Connection established by

1174510770: ConnReadData: Connection with closed

1174511461: Connection established by

1174513768: TransStart: waitpid failed with error 10

1174513769: ConnReadData: Connection with closed

1174513769: Connection established by

1174513783: connTcpConnection: invalid code found: 111

1174513784: ConnReadData: Connection with closed


I did some digging and I think that it died on a file that is constantly held open by a end user's computer via samba share. I understand that it probably can't copy a file that is open, but shouldn't it just skip it and move on?


Thank you for any help!!



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Just as an update...


I've been reading through all the other posts on the forum related to the 504 error with linux clients, and they suggest to update to the latest version because it was a known bug that was fixed. But I have newer versions that what is noted in the posts, and I still have the problem.




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