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backup plan help

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For several years I have been hapily backing up in a 5 week single tape rotation all of my data. I run a recycle backup on Saturday night and normal backup Monday - Thursday nights, change the tape on firday and store this weeks tape for 4 weeks. Now I have more data than will fit on one tape so by Wednesday or Thursday it stops in the middle of the night asking for another tape.


What I want to do is do the recycle (or full backup) on Saturday and then put in a new tape on Monday for the nightly normal (differential) backups Monday - Thursday then swap tape sets on Friday for 4 weeks storage.


I have tried to RTFM but still cant figure this out. I tried a recycle backup Saturday (went fine) and a new media backup on Monday but it was still running tuesday morning and was another full backup (not good).


How can I accomplish this goal or something similar without buying an autoloader? I want to be able to introduce a new tape at a set time (i.e. monday morning) and not when the first tape is full.


I am running 6.5 and back up to a single SDLT tape drive.


TIA, scott

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