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Cannot restore old file - Retrospect Express


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I'm trying to restore a file from two days ago.


I open Retrospect Express (version 6.0.222), click on Restore/ Selected Files. A new window opens, I see Backup A (dated 1995!) and Backup Set B (dated yesterday, March 20).


I want to restore a file that was backed up on March 19th, so I clicked on More..., hoping I'll find the March 19th backup.


No luck. I can use Windows Explorer to navigate to the external backup drive and see files (for example, AA001427.rdb) that are timestamped march 19th, but can't DO anything with them. Double-clicking on them opens Retrospect Express.


I inherited this backup setup, other than cheking to see that things were going on to the backup disk, and once restoreing a file that had been backed up the previous night, I've never touched it, and assumed it was working properly.


How do I restore older files? frown.gif

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