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clients not installed or running error 541

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Hi all, I hope you can help with my very frustrating problem.


I am running retrospect version 6.1.126 on a new imac.


I am getting three or four windows machine's that seem to "get lost" and stop being backed up.


When I go to configure clients and open them up and go to configure I get


"sorry, can't connect to backup client. error 541 (client not installed or not running)"


If I go the the window's machine to check, the client is on.


The only way to fix it at the moment is for the windows machine to be rebooted.


This lasts for a couple of days and then it starts all over again!


They are windows xp professional with retrospect client 7


We are a uni so are using a lan. Some have fixed IP addresses, some have DHCP.


Please help rolleyes3grem1.gif

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How were the clients added to the Retrospect (mac) server? Were they added by DNS name, by IP, or what?


When you find them on but not found, and then you reboot, do they get the same IP address as they had when they were not found? As when they were added?


Is it possible that your network has some multicast issues or is not passing UDP and TCP for port 497?


Do these clients go to sleep and then perhaps, when they wake up, not reopen ports? Way to tell would be to set them to not sleep, see if the problem persists.


see also this thread here regarding multicast (for the post near the end that describes what Retrospect does during discovery):

Retrospect and Multicast



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