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Need help with "grandfather - father - son" backup technique

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So I want to replicate what I had before


Tape A - 1st Friday of the month

Tape B - 2nd

Tape C - 3rd

Tape D- 4th


Every tape gets a snapshot of what that server look like that day. When the turn for that tape comes up again, I want the tape recycled and than backup replaced with a new snapshot.


What I have right now is 3 backup jobs that do backups of three servers on a daily basis to disk.


I have setup transfer snapshots job that takes snapshot from those three backups and dumps them onto tape. Before I dump the snapshots onto tape, I recycle the backup set of the tape and than execute the job.

When I tried to add a new member, so it would do what I outlined in the beginning, Restrospect just started looking for tape 1. Could not figure out how to leave the tape A alone and than just have it go into tape B.


What am I doing wrong?

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