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Can a Retrospect script mirror a file directory to another?

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I am setting up a copy of Retrospect for a small business. I would like the configuration to be as easy as possible for the business owner to use and maintain.


My main strategy is to back up files to "file" sets on multiple removable hard drives. This should require minimal user interaction -- all they will need to do is confirm when recycle backups occur. The user is planning to keep one hard drive at an alternate location.


As a convenience for the user, I'd like to have Retrospect maintain a mirror (in addition to the backup sets), on a destination drive, of selected subvolumes. This would allow fast retrieval of files, without needing my help to perform a restore using Retrospect. I.e., I want to just show them a folder, and tell them that their files will be in there should they need them right away.


Is this possible? Can retrospect write files to a user-accessible folder, or will it only write files inside backup sets?




John Feinberg

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