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Restoring selected Exchange messages


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SBS 2003 Premium R2, Retrospect SBS Premium, v7.0.301, Update


I've recently discovered--the hard way, by discovering that I could not do a brick-level restore--that although I thought I was backing up Exchange mailboxes nightly, I was not. This because I had not taken the additional step of selecting the individual mailboxes to back up in the Volumes Database window.


What I expected Retrospect to do was back up all mailboxes and public folders, because Exchange Mailboxes was included in the My Computer container, and I'm backing up the My Computer container.


Ambigous, clumsy UI design notwithstanding...


1. It appears that it's necessary to add and remove mailboxes in the Volumes Database dialog box each time a user is added or removed. Is this correct? Or is it possible to tell Retrospect to back up all mailboxes it finds?


2. If I add All Public Folders as a volume, am I indeed backing up All Public Folders? Or do I need to select individual PFs for backup?

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Thanks for your reply.


The information about 7.5 is interesting and helpful, but you don't directly answer my question. I'll take this to mean you are confirming that 7.0 requires me to select mailboxes and PFs for brick-level backups.

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