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Restore to a new XP install file access problems


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When I restore a single file from backup (Retro 6.5 express) to my new XP install I get an access denied on the restored folder and can't get to the file to move it to it's new location. The file is visible in the backup and after the restore to the new drive while trying to drill down through the folders to get to the file there is an access denied preventing me from continuing. I have administrative previleges on my login account, have tried to use the Administrators account, tried to change the attributes/rights on the folders, have tried dragging the folders to the shared directory, tried making the folder accessible to everyone on a network with full rights (won't allow the change) and all without success.


The file is from the documents and setting\persons name folder\applications data\etc. etc. The backup file was created under my first name from the old installation of Windows and the new instillation account is under my nickname. But, would think with admin rights this wouldn't make any difference.


Thanks for the help!

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