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What causes "Assertion check at "elem16.c-687"???

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I'm happy to provide the before/after copies of the Retrospect Preferences directory and all my system configuration details to someone at Dantz.



That's gonna be a challenge, as Dantz Development Inc. no longer exists!


Dantz is now EMC Insignia.

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The dreaded assertion check at "elem16.c-687" error is back again, after a 20 month absence. Maybe a clue or just a coincidence: an XP SP2 windozer on my network was updated to .Net 3.0, patched, and got a new, active share on the network yesterday. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but the assertion check failure occurred this morning, while trying to back the another XP on the same network. Maybe the updated computer thinks it needs to horn in on the discussion between the mac server and the other XP client. Those backups had been running every other night - no problem.


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Problem is back. Backups fail when Retrospect tries to talk to the XP client. Even going to the "Configure" tab causes the error message to happen.


I forget the XP client and added it back, I'm able to back things up without errors.


Maybe since there's a workaround, this is low priority for being fixed?

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I have the exact same problem. Started just a few days ago with a previously normally functioning Windows XP Backup Client.


Another completely bizarre "occurrence" I've never seen before during backing up. Sure keeps life interesting, this program. ;)


Going to Configure > Clients and opening the client and doing Configure causes it to happen 100% of the time.


Thanks to this thread, I have the workaround (forgetting the client, adding it back in). Seems to be working again.


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