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Launcher Service doesn't exist


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I've a problem with Retrospect server in a Win2003 server. I had a virus problem and after solved it and install a new version of NOD32 (2.70.26) my Retrospect stops working.

When I start the program I only see the title of the window and the splash screen. After a million of experiments I found that the Retrospect Launcher Service doesn't exist anymore. Nor on the Services list, nor in the registry (LEGACY etc, etc).

Of course I already try to uninstall an reinstall Retrospect cleaning registry keys and folders. I also try with other version (demo from the emc site) and install Retrospect in other path.

The result is that after the first execution the program stops working. Finally I can see on the bottom of the windows (stopped) the last correct execution (Script on Friday ...). Claim that I completely uninstall the program, where are these informations?


Thanks, Christian

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