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Problem with 7.5 client update on Windows 2000 Server

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We were using MultiServer 6.5 and upgraded to 7.5 trial (waiting for license codes for upgrade and Add-On Value Pack). We wanted the convenience of Open File backup and SQL (MSDE version) backup of open SQL files).


We have a Windows 2000 Server SP4 machine that was running the 6.5 client (whatever the last version was) and it was working fine and communicating with the back up server just fine.


Using the back up server, I pushed the new 7.5 client out to update the client on the Windows 2000 Server and got a "update successful" message (I had previously successfully updated 4 other clients on the network). After that, I restarted the server and the Retrospect service (launcher and helper) did not load and the Retrospect Client control panel says "off".


I tried manually restarting the services in the MMC and for each, the launcher and helper, I get an error message that says "file not found."


I tried manually installing the 7.5 client on the Windows 2000 Server machine running the client directly at the server machine and I get a Windows Installer Error 1923 "Service could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services." Well, of course, I have sufficient privileges; I'm logged in as Administrator will full rights at the server machine itself.


I'm stumped and stuck. Never had this problem before (the 1923 error) and, until now, everything the client on the Windows 2000 Server machine communicated just fine with the back up server.


I would gratefully appreciate any help all of you could offer. Thank you in advance.



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