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Express Hoses CD Drive


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I just started using Retrospect Express HD a couple of months ago. Recently it wanted to update and I let it update--I appear to be running 2.0.214. I am on a PC, XP Pro SP2, all current updates. I'm not sure whether the problems started with the upgrade or existed before.


When Retrospect is running, my CD/DVD drive is hosed. Sometimes it will show the contents of a CD. It won't run a program from a CD, or show the autostart window, or play music, and if I try to copy files it says "Access Denied". I didn't know what the problem with my CD drive was, and tried all kinds of things including buying a new drive--but I finally found a blog entry or Usenet entry on the web that discussed that some programs that monitor USB drives cause this kind of problem with CD drives--so I exited Retrospect and bingo, the CD drive works fine. Load Retrospect again and it's bust. Is there any solution to this?--seems like a killer feature.


Also, the program seems to take about 75M of memory when it's loaded--and about 5M after one has exited! Doesn't this seem a bit excessive?


I like the UI overall and I need a program with this functionality. Does Pro work better? How much memory does Pro take?

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