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Backing Up large media files


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Retrospect 6.5 / Lacie AIT Tape Drive / sony 50g native tapes


I am trying to back up some very large Mutritrack Digital audio files. individual size beetween 20 to 35G.


On a fresh backup project Restrospect will backup the first file. Start the second. Prompt for a new media tape when first is full. Prepare the new tape for backup then simply sit there motionless!! there are no pause functions selected. Windows is fully functioning and I am able to quit retrospect but on reloading software I am back to square one, i have been using Retrospect for five years and have never known anything like it!


A couple of quick questions.


Am I right that retrospect will not break a very large file into two to fit across two media?


I have reinstalled drivers and software to no avail. Where is the windows preference file. I will try to delete that.


Will my problems be solved if I update to the more recent version of Retrospect. I was perfectly happy with what I had.


Thanks a lot to you all.



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