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scheduled backups dont work


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hello there!


im pretty new to using retrospect - we have just set up a backup server last week to backup our webservers. i set up multiple backup scripts to automate this task - however, on the second scheduled execution, i am asked for the backup sets path (which is quite impractical for automated tasks). does anyone have any idea where i can change this so that the tasks complete without user interaction?


currently they are set up in the following manner:

normal backup (recycling backup produced the same result) of a approx 10 GB partition (system)

the backup set has a 100GB quota assigned to it - saved to a distinct folder and keeping the last 1 backup (there should be plenty of space left on the media)

software compression is enabled along with media verification

scheduled to run once per week


the first execution completed successfully. however, during the next automated run, i receive an email "waiting for media"´and the server prompts me to select the "backup-set-segment". once i have done this (which is already too much user interaction as it is) i am allowed to select the it is "missing" or "skip"....


if anyone has any ideas what the problem might be, i would deeply appreciate it - as this is driving me mad! im sure its just a small configuration problem but the manual and internet didnt seem to help. also, please excuse any incorrect definitions - im using the german version and am guessing on most of those smile.gif


thanks in advance!



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