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Timezone Change and removable disks

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Hello all,

Here is my predicament. I have an OS X Server (10.4.x) running Retrospect 6.1. The server has 2TB of RAID storage attached, which I back up to a Lacie Bigger Disk Extreme (2TB). I split the LaCie disk in 2 Volumes, to deal with the 1TB limit in Retrospect. I did all of this in Dec 2006.

Yesterday, a sys admin noticed that the time was off on the server, and it turned out to be that the time zone was not set properly. He fixed the timezone, which immediately fixed the time on the server.

However, when the backups were running, an error popped up stating something like this:


"2-MediaB is not a member of this backup set. Although it is named correctly, it has a different creation date: 12/1/2006 10:47PM instead of the desired 12/1/2006 7:47PM".


The 3 hour discrepancy between the times is the amount of time offset between the old time zone on the server, and the correct timezone on the server (the change made yesterday).


Is there any way that I can continue to use this set without reformatting the media?


Please help!

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