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Backup Stops On Display Sleep?

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I'm running Retrospect 6.1.126 on a MacBook Pro 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo 15" with 2GB of RAM. I'm backing its internal drive up to a file on an external 2.5" Firewire 400 drive (US Modular Dragon Drive 2.5" enclosure, 100GB). The drive is Firewire-powered. I'm using the "EasyScript Backup" method.


As I observe the file copying progress box, performance seems OK, but if I leave the computer unattended and let its display go to sleep, the copying appears to stop or slow down in an extreme way. For instance, I started an 84GB recycle backup this morning before leaving for work, and this evening when I got back, it had only gotten about 10GB into the copy process. There are no other processes running on this computer.


I have the energy saver settings set to *not* put the computer to sleep or power down the hard drives, but I do want the display to sleep so that the LCD's life isn't unnecessarily shortened. Could it be that the display sleep is somehow also stopping the backup process?


Any help would be appreciated, as it is exceedingly impractical for me to have a single computer's backup take several days to complete.



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Interesting that you've got a Core 2 Duo. See this other thread about the Retrospect client on Core 2 Duo and sleep:

Retrospect Client not being seen on Intel MacBook


Perhaps as a workaround for you, you might try a screen saver with an all black picture, and not let the display go to sleep. But that doesn't address the underlying problem, just keeps your LCD from being lit.



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