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Problems With Quantum DLT-S4

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I'm attempting to support a client using Retrospect Workgroup on a computer running OS X Server 10.3.9. The computer has an ATTO Express PCI UL3S SCSI card connected to a Quantum DLT-S4 desktop tape drive. Retrospect is up to date (both the app and the RDU), the SCSI card has the most recent firmware and drivers, the Quantum drive has been updated to the latest firmware.


Problem is that Retrospect loses communication with the tape drive at irregular intervals. Sometimes it craps out while backing up the server to which it is connected, sometimes it fails when backing up one of the remote clients. I've tried a new SCSI cable and the ATTO folks gave me some different settings to try for the SCSI card, which made no difference.


ATTO says that there is no known conflict between their card and either Retro or the Quantum drive. The drive is listed as "fully qualified" for use with Retrospect.


I've pursued this problem with ATTO and I have a trouble ticket in with Quantum, but has anybody seen this behavior before and possibly have any insight from the perspective of the backup software?



Steve McI

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