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How do I know this is working?


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I'm using Retrospect HD Express 2.0 which I upgraded to (from the 1.1 version that came with my Maxtor backup drive). I have it set to run twice a week at 3:00 AM. I've been assuming it's running but it would be really nice if there was some kind of message I saw that indicated it ran. Is there a log I can view to see all the backups its run? The interface really is pretty lame as all I see when I start it is one screen that says:

Welcome to Retrospect Express HD for the Maxtor Onetouch .


Retrospect Express HD will back up all files on my computer to Local Disk (E:) on Wednesday and Saturday at 3:00 AM. Click Setup to make changes.


Back up now


56 restore points available.


Automatic Backup is on.


[setup button] [Restore button] Automatic backup [On] [Off]


How do I get to see the logs from this screen?



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