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No RBD or RBC files for Retrospect Restore


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My computer died. I had been backing up using Retrospect 6.5 for a few months and have around 21 GB of files with names going from AA000000.rdb to AA000173.rdb. However, when I tried to restore my files Retrospect asked me to find files ending in .rbd or .rbc. I don't have files with either of those extensions. Is there anything I can do or am I in rather deep doo doo?



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I figured it out by reading another thread on this website. Here are directions to restore files backed up using Retrospect 6.5 if you only have .rDb files (d before B), and no .rBd (b before d) or .rbc files


1) Check hierarchy of the directories that the .rdb files are in on the external drive.


They should be like this: (lettered drive name):\Retrospect\Name of Backup Set\1-Name of Backup Set\(.rdb files)


2) If they are not there you should try to recreate the hierarchy.


3) Then in Retrospect select, 'tools->repair catatlog->recreate from disks-> all disks-> ok-> double click on "my computer"-> highlight the external drive-> click "ok"'


Don't browse to the spot with all the .rdb files. Just double click the 'my computer', select the drive where the files exist and then click 'ok'. you could probably just click 'ok' after you've browsed into the location.


4) If given the option save that catalog somewhere safe.


5) You should be able to restore at that point using that catalogue.

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