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Quantum DAT72 not working in Retrospect 6.5


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My Sony AIT tape drive died and I replaced it with a Quantum Dat72 (Model CD72LWH). The new drive works fine with Windows Backup NTBackup.exe.


The drive is reported in Windows XP Hardware Device Manager as a Tape Drive model "IBM DDS Gen5 SCSI Sequential Device".


The drive is reports in Retrospect 6.5.350 with Retrospect Driver release 5.5.1 (Storage Devices - Environment) as Vendor: "IBM" Product: "DDS Gen5" Version: "A1B0" Driver:<blank>. The Properties and Configure buttons are greyed out.


The drive does not appear in the Retrospect Storage Devices - Status screen, and so is not available for use.


In a move of desperation I installed ASPI through the Retrospect aspiinst.exe utility, and that did not have any effect, except that in the Storage Devices - Environment tab it now says "Devices visible using ASPI" rather than the previous "Devices visible using [something esle I can;t exactly remember]"


I hope that I do not have to resort to backing up with NTBackup, is there a way to solve this problem




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