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Scripts pause for long time after snapshot

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We have V6.5 Multiserver. I recently moved the server software from an old WinXP workstation to a new server with 2 dual-core processors running W2003 R2 X64. Immediate backups run normally. But when I schedule a scripted backup to run the script will pause for 45 mins to 1 1/2 hrs after copying the snapshot and then finally resume the script to the next machine. This is making it difficult to do all the machines since we run out of time before the next script needs to run.


I thought it might be a problem with V6.5 on a 64 bit machine so I downloaded the trial versionof 7.5 and installed it. Got the same results. I am forced each morning to stop the script and then do an immediate backup of the machines that were missed. This is beginning to get old...


Anyone have any idea why the server would behave in this strange way?

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