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Fast catalog file rebuild


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We have Retrospect 7.5 running on XP with an Exabyte 10-tape loader.


We have a recurring problem with Retrospect crashing with a kernal error, always the same error, about a page fault (error 77).


Whenever a crash occurs, the catalog file is fatally damaged. This usually happens when the tape loader has reached tape 6 or 7. This is where the fast catalog file rebuild would be nice. But I have never (and there have been dozens of occasions) been able to rebuild the catalog from the latest tape. Retrospect says there is no catalog on the tape. Figuring the tape may have been damaged during the crash, I retreat to the latest tape but one. But there's no catalog there either. In fact, Retrospect can't find a catalog on any of the tapes, even though the option has been selected when the catalog was first set up.


Obviously it would be nice if Retrospect were not causing kernal panics. But if we have to live with kernal panics, it would be nice if we could take advantage of the fast catalog file rebuild.


We are looking for suggestions on why Retrospect can't find the catalog files on the tapes. Or is this a feature that doesn't work? Or not with a tape library?


Tim Larkin

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Cornell University

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From my understanding the catalog file is not normally held on the tape/drives themselves, but on the Retrospect host server drive (i.e. c:\Retrospect Catalogs\<backupsetname>.rbc) and is merely an index of all the files contained withon a backup set.


If your catalog has been corrupted you can normally rebuild one by clicking the repair catalog option, selecting the tape/drive you wish to rebuild the catalog for and that's it. It then scan the tape/drives and re-indexes them.


My apolgies if I have mis-interpreted your problem here,



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