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client desactived

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hi evryone,

I've a problem with a mac OSX client Retrospect.

After each reboot, the Retrospect client application is desactivated. However, the other client on others computers have the same parameters.


For information : the computer is imac G5 OS X.3.9 et client Restrospect is 6.0.109. Same config on other computer Mac with no problems.


Thanks for help me.

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You really should update to Retrospect client 6.1.130. It fixes a bunch of problems. Link is here:

Retrospect Client 6.1.130 update


Have you moved or renamed the Retrospect client from /Applications ? It must not be renamed and must not be moved; otherwise, the startup item is not able to find the client to start it.


Do you have the folder /Library/StartupItems/RetroClient with its two files, RetroClient (a shell script) and StartupParameters.plist ? These files get the Retrospect Client ("/Applications/Retrospect Client.app") going on reboot, providing that the client hasn't been moved or renamed.


Best solution is to uninstall the Retrospect Client using the uninstaller in the download, then reinstall.



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