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Catalog File out of sync with Backup Set "Restore Point"


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I cannot run a complete backup anymore. The error message says "Catalog File out of sync with Backup Set 'Restore Point'. To repair it use Tools > Repair Catalog > Update Existing Catalog File."


Where do I find "Tools" in the first place? My Retrospect Express HD for Windows is version 1.1.127 and I use a Maxtor One Touch II device. My Restrospect screen has very little in the way of a menu, so I don't have anything that says "Tools."


I believe my problem started happening after I realized I was backing up not only to my Maxtor external drive but also to my c: drive (careless error on my part). I've since fixed it so it should only back up to the external drive and I have deleted the restore points it made on my c: drive.


My last successful restore point is way back on 4/4/2006.


Any help out there please?? Thanks in advance.

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