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Backup Segments / 2 HDDs with flexibility

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we have 2 external HDD's. We exchange them every week and make every day a backup on one of the external HD which is connected.


The Problem:

The person (manager smile.gif), who normally exchange it, does forget it sometime. So the strategy must be flexible. It should backup it on this HDD which is connected.


I tried to make a backup set with 2 segments. If one segment on HDD 1 is not connected it should take the other segment on HDD 2.

But it always only backup if the segment on HDD1 is connected frown.gif If Retro does not found this, it do not take segment 2 on HDD 2, although its there frown.gif


Anyone have an idea ?

Or another strategy how to backup with 2 HDDs in a flexible way ?


thanks & greetings


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