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How to Perform Disaster Recovery Testing


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I have a WinXP box backed up with Retrospect Express HD to a Maxtor OneTouch II drive. I back up C:\Documents and Settings. I want to test disaster recovery on a spare WinXP box we have.


On the DR box, I've installed Retrospect Express HD, and plugged the disk into a USB port. All restore points are available. Logged in with an admin account, I've restored C:\Documents and Settings" from the latest restore point. After the restore completes, I can see directories C:\Documents and Settings\<user> for each restored user, and under <user>, I have subdirectories "Application Data", "<user>'s Documents" (not "My Documents"), and "Local Settings". They contain what I expect to see.


Next, I've created a user account <user> on the DR box, and logged in as that user. Under C:\Documents and Settings\<user>, I can see subdirectory "<user>'s Documents", but *not* "Application Data" or "Local Settings".


What else do I need to do to test DR, so that <user> on the DR box to be equivalent to <user> on the original PC? Ie, how do I get back "Application Data", "My Documents" and "Local Settings" when logged in as <user> on the recovery PC?




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