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Retrospect freezes writing on ext. USB drive when "Check validity of next script" is selected


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I am using Retrospect Professional v7.5. I am storing my backup as a file backup on an external USB drive. Everything works fine, however, I have one issue that is somewhat troublesome and unexpected . When I check the Preference "Check validity of next script" and exit the Retrospect program, Retrospect starts doing something with the external disk (it becomes very active and noisy) and the program becomes non-responsive (I can have that run for hours). The USB disk is constantly noisy (trying to write something?) and not accessible by other programs. If I disconnect the external USB disk, Retrospect actually "wakes up" from its non-responsive mode and prompts whether I want to check the media for the next script. If I reconnect the USB drive at that time and click Check, everything is fine. If I don't reconnect, of-course Retrospect complains. If I disable the preference "check validity of next script", everything works like a charme. This has no impact on the daily scheduled backup, which works weather the option is checked or not. Is this something that is known? It happened on two different external USB disks to me now.


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