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Error (-61) Writing Denied

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Hi Everyone,


I sold my iMac G5 and replaced it with an Intel iMac. Before I wiped the hard drive, I did a complete backup with Retrospect. Now when trying to access my data, I get the titled error. I've done searches and have not been able to locate any information on how to solve this issue. Here are the specifics:


iMac G5 using unknown version of Retrospect

iMac Intel using version 6.1.126

LaCie 250GB Firewire external drive


I realize now that I should have copied the catalog data from the old machine but now it is too late. So when I try to restore the data, it says that I need to rebuild the catalog data. When I try to repair the catalog, it fails with:


Error (-61) Writing Denied


I checked the permissions and I have read/write. However, within the Retrospect software, when I view the volume I see a little padlock on the file Retrospect Data. Any ideas on how I can get access to my data?


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Regards, Peter

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We need more information, including step-by-step details telling what you've already tried to do.


For one, is your backup set in fact named "Retrospect Data?" Is the data stored on the external FW drive?


What type of backup set is it? File backup set or Removable Disk backup set? A file backup set stores the data and catalog files in the same folder on the destination volume. A removable disk backup set requires the entire volume for data and needs to store the catalog file on another volume.

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I realize now that I should have copied the catalog data from the old machine



Actually, a more valuable realization might be that you should not have changed Retrospect's default preferences to treat fixed platter hard drives as Removable devices unless you knew that you really wanted/needed to do that.


- Have you made this same preference change on the new install of Retrospect?

- Do you see the FW hard drive in Configure->Devices ?

- Where, exactly, "within the Retrospect software" do you see the icon you describe?


- If you use the Finder to "ignore ownership on this volume," does Retrospect behave differently?

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