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Retrospect Server (Mac) hogs client (Win) resources - way to fix?

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We are currently running Retrospect Server v6.1.126 on a PowerMac G4, 400MHz, 448MB RAM.


It is configured to back up (among other clients), a Dell Latitude C640, 1.70GHz P4, 512MB RAM, XP Pro v2002 SP2 running v7.0.112 of the Retrospect client (Win) software. The server is connected to the LAN via 1000BaseT Enet, and the client by 100BaseT.


Like the Macs that are being backed up, the client utility is configured to favor the user, rather than the backup; unlike the Macs, however, this configuration does not seem to have the intended effect. The result is that when a backup is being performed on this Dell laptop, performance suffers enough that the machine becomes impractical to use, and the user is often forced to either defer their work, or defer the backup.


Is there any solution using our present setup? Alternately, is it possible that switching the Retrospect Server software from the Mac version to the latest Windows version may resolve this problem?



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This posting really belongs in the Windows forum because the issue is with the Windows client and its interaction with the Windows scheduler. You probably won't find users in this Macintosh forum who could answer your question.


That said, you really should only be backing up a client system when it is quiescent. If files are open, then they will be skipped in the backup.


Additionally, you need a bunch of RAM in the clients to support all that is going on. You don't say how much RAM is there. And there's a lot of stuff going on as Retrospect client scans the entire drive.



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