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Backing up selected directories on one volume


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I am backing up a "Homes" volume on an OS X server. It is just hundreds of home directories. There's 350GB of data and and nearly 2 million files. Retrospect is having a difficult time just scanning all the files. I regularly get "out of memory" errors when backing it up. The machine has 4GB of RAM, but still can't manage to scan it all half the time.


So what i would like to do is find a way to break it up into at least two backup jobs. Ideally, I would just select user names starting with a to m and then users n to z in another job. I can't make subvolumes because these are all in one folder. And as far as I know, I can't do an "include" for all directories that start with a-m (like with a regular expression) because that would still try to scan everything and then apply the filter to that. Basically I need some way to keep Retrospect from scanning all the files/folders. But I am not in a position to restructure volume.


Plus, having fewer files in a backup set will make it easier to scan when I want to do a restore. Currently, it can take hours just to get a list of available files to restore. The restore itself is fine, but the wait is unreasonable.


Any ideas?



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