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One backup session = 15 same-size files?


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I have WinXP-SP2, and I'm using Retrospect Express 1.0.196.


Recently, the automatic scheduled backups stopped working. I'd get an error box telling me there was a problem and to click here for info, but clicking there just made the box disappear. I deleted almost all recent backups and tried again, but the new backups failed every day. I uninstalled and reinstalled today from a CD. Retrosect seems to be working ok now, but I have a question about the results I see in the RestorePoint folder.


Backing up local disk C, the Retrospect Disk Backup Set files are in a folder named 1-RestorePoint, and the results of a single backup session are as follows:


Twenty-eight .rdb files all dated/modified today, with times ranging across about 50 minutes (drive is 112 GB).


Fifteen of them are exactly the same size -- 614,408 KB.


The remaining files range in size from 12 KB to 242,721 KB.


Why are there 15 files of exactly the same size, and is this a typical or expected outcome? Are some of these files the earlier backup files? I did leave a few of the earlier files in that folder before doing the reinstall. Does Retrospect check/alter the older restore points, so the dates are changed to the current backup date?


Does everyone have a folder named Restore Point2? What's it for? There are never any files in it on my computer.


Thanks, silkfan

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