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Error -505 (backup client reserved)


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Multi Server 7.5.370

Hot Fix


I'm getting this error when trying to backup a RH 7.1 server. We successfully backup other servers running RH 7.1, 7.3, and 9. And we have been successfully backing this machine up for weeks now, but just last week this -505 error started.


From the knowledgebase:


TITLE: -505 client reserved




This error occurs when a client is in use by another backup computer A client may be used by only one backup computer at a time. This can also happen when the backup computer or client computer crashes during an operation. Restart both computers.

If you are unable to restart the client computer, you can click "off" inside of the Retrospect Client control panel. After several minutes, the client status should change from "in use" to "off". You can then turn the client back on and start the backup again.




We have tried uninstalling - then reinstalling the retro client, but this error continues. And the "discussion" above makes no sense. There are no other backup programs or processes running on this machine.

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