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Lost catalog; rebuild catalog show 0 files on all snapshots


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- Windows XP

- backup data stored on external drive

- catalog lost when motherboard failure destroyed internal drive

- verified "Retrospect Disk Backup Set" files exist on external drive for daily backups


I repaired the catalog (Recreate from disks) successfully (several times). When I try to Restore the Entire Volume, selecting my new, empty, D:\ drive, I go to Files Chosen and see all the directories I want to restore I can't select anything because, it seems, there are no files when I drill down on the Restore from Backup screen. The Contents Report sail the Backup Set "appears to be empty". The History for the Recatalog says 0 files, but 1.3 GB.


I've got all that data (1.3 GB), but how can I get the recatalog to identify files that have been backed up?

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