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Data Not Getting Compressed

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We installed Retrospect 7.5 running on a Dell Poweredge 2850 server with a Powervault 100T DAT72 drive. No matter what I try, software compression, hardware compression, or both, the tape only holds about 34GB of data on it. Any suggestions? The server is runnning Windows Server 2003 SP 1, 2 GB of memory, 6.5GB free on system drive (out of 12GB) and 177GB free on data drive. The data drive is RAID 5.


Any suggestions?




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What kind of data are you backing up? If the data is already compressed, it can't be compressed more.


zip, jpg, mpg, avi, mp3 are compressed, for instance.


Are you backing up local files or over the network? You lose a bit capacity each time the tape drive has to stop and wait for data over the network.


Finally, you have to deduct space for the data about the files that Retrospect puts on the tape.

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