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1-Touch ll Malfunctions in Vista


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In my Vista Ultimate system I installed my Maxtor 1-Touch ll USB drive from the XP CD. As far as I know the drivers are installed OK. I installed the various updates to Retrospect Express HD and now have the Vista version.

1: My 1-Touch button doesn't work

2: When I click on the desktop shortcut, the drive comes up but Retrospect Express HD wont associate with that shortcut. I have to call it up from the Start menu.

3: All through the process of applying several updates one after the other, I could never at any stage register RE HD 1. When it came to the final update to v.2 then I could register, with the new key of course.

I attach a picture of what happens when I click the Maxtor 1-Touch shortcut.



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Thanks for answering, Mayoff.


The above window is now minus the serial number of the drive/red warning box and says "Select a Drive" with the blank table underneath.


This is after I tried to do a repair via Add or Remove Programs just to the Maxtor 1-Touch.


Retrospect Express HD 2.0.214 works fine if I call it up from the Start Menu.


The external drive shows up as healthy in Disk Management and the Device Manager says it's working properly - and has a letter.


As I said, not once during the installation from version 1.0 through 1.1.126 then 1.1.127 did it give me the opportunity to register my old version.

Once 2 was in then it allowed me to register using my new number.


Somewhat frustrating to say the least.


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