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error 1116 "can't access network volume"


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I have an xp machine trying to backup to an external hard drive attached to another machine through a network router.


When I try to run a backup I get the error 1116 "can't access network volume" and "Server login failed, error –1116 (can’t access network volume) Try using Explorer to connect."


So I go to Explorer and I can access the drive and folder with no problem. I've remapped the drive and rerun the wizard to no avail.


In the process I'm asked for my network password. I don't think I have one. I'm the only user of the network. The password request doesn't allow me to leave it blank.


Where can I check to see if I have a network password? Keep in mind that Explorer (and other software) makes the connection fine.


thanks; Kozmo

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So I've tried and tried and gotten perhaps a bit closer. Stick with me; I'm not experienced at this.


I'm not sure if you meant I had to have computer user passwords or a network password. I added passwords to the accounts on both computers. I also created a network password on the laptop (backup source) but there was not an option to do that on the destination. It shows me as an administrator though.


Now I get "Sorry, server login failed -1017 (insufficient permissions). I can still reach the disk and folder with Windows Explorer.


Do I need to set a network password on the destination? If so how since going through control panel / user accounts / manage network passwords doesn't give me the option of a password.

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