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Save Set full, but the HD has plenty of space


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I'm using an external 250MB hard disk with hardware compression turned on in Windows XP to back up my C drive.


Running backups since Sept without incident. This week Retrospect reports that the HD is full and looks for a new save set member to add.


Windows HD properties indicate the disk has 67GB free space remaining. Retrospect Member Properties display seems to agree:


type: local volume

file system: NTFS

used: 168.0 G

free: 64.9 G (27% available)

total: 232.9 G


Despite this report, when the backup runs retrospect reports that the save set is full. In fact it has backed up 232GB of data in the save set. But it is apparent that under the hood, the OS or HD has done the compression which leaves lots of space free as reported above.


First thing occurs to me is to scale up the save set storage limit beyond 100% and thereby use the "invisible" extra 67GB, but the save set properties will not allow me to specify over 100% of the HD capacity, and so Retrospect will not add any more backup data to this save set.


I have considered adding a second save set B, and Retrospect seems happy to add it, recognizing the available free space. My concern is that if I do that, the first backup on save set B will be a complete backup which may be bigger than the available free space. The progressive saves are running 1-2 GB per day, but the system being backed up occupies about 75GB. So if it does happen to fit (due to the HD compression of the save set volume) there won't be much left for daily backups.


I spose plan B might be to let retrospect do the compression and this way it will be aware of actual free space. The user guide recommends choosing hardware compression over retrospect software compression for speed and performance. But it seems that approach is flawed in that Retrospect won't allow for the underlying compression (ie more than 100% of the backup disk capacity to allow for the hardware compression).


this mismatch between retrospect vs the operating system must be fairly common, but I was not able to find it discussed using the forum search.


any thoughts or advice?


-- Ed

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Found a workaround, so I'll leave it here for any who follow with the same problem.


There is a knowledgebase article


Retrospect incorrectly reports Disk Full when doing a backup (5186)


which describes a workaround of creating a new save set member on the same HD as the first member. The second save set member upon creation will recognize the actual free space at that point, and it can be set up to use 100% of whatever that number is.


It is also possible to enter a number greater than remaining storage (the limit seems to based on total drive capacity and not free space remaining).


So then it appears that with a two-member save set it is possible to configure the save set for more than 100% of the drive capacity and thereby estimate a number that accounts for the underlying hardware compression.




-- Ed Y

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