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Retrospect 7.5 Client - Error -505 (backup client reserved)


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Retrospect Professional 7.5.370 (the latest update) installed on Vista.


It would appear the problem persits now on both 7.0.107 and 7.5.116 client WinXP SP2 installations - this may suggest it's not a client problem?


Using the trick of switching the client 'off' [apply], 'on' [apply] seems to occaisionally improve matters but it cannot be relied upon - it may work once and then reserve the volume again.

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Very disapointed about Emc Support.

I have tried to call them all this morning, but the answer machine always said that they cannot respond yet cause they are busy...

I have 7 customers that have buy their software more then 1000€ and they cannot do their backup now...

Hoping EMC will do a hotfix quickly...

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I have had to revert my Retrospect Clients to 7.0.107 from the update to 7.5.116 as I am getting the 505 Error (backup client reserved) on more than one installation.


Does anyone have any ideas?



Check the retclient.dat file under C:\Windows\ on the client machine. I noticed that for some reasons C:\ was in this file and then the server cannot connect to the client and you will get the 505 error.



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