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How do I install 7.5 updates ?


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I was sent an email to say I should upgrade my 7.5 retrospect for free to the latest version that supports vista.


I have download the file Retro-EN_7_5_370.exe for the update from EMC website but I can't find any notes to tell me how to install it ! I am warry of just running the .exe incase it knacks my current config.


How do I install the update ? Do I have to uninstall anything first ? Will I loose my automated backups ? Can I just install it over the top ?


I am surprised I could not find this basic info on how to install the update in the readme file thats associated with the download. I coud'nt find anything in the FAQ either.


Can someone please give me the correct procedure to install the update please ?

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You should be able to simply install over your current install. It should keep all your scripts/configs.


As a safety measure, you could make a copy of your current config file [it's config75.dat]. As I remember, it's in Documents/Settings, All Users, Application Data, Retrospect [i'm currently on a vista install and the location is different]. In any case, you can do a search on C: for config75.



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