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Backup strategy with RETROSPEC for Mac


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I am a newbie as regards setting up backup strategy with RETROSPEC for mac. I have set up on my Mac server 4 sets of backup called "Backup A" to "Backup D". Each backup set runs from Monday to Friday at 10PM, and does an incremental backup of a mac server, a windows server, an AIX server, and some mac clients. I started the backup 4 weeks ago, first week backup set A, second week backup set B, third week backup set C, fourth week backup set D. This week it is the fifth week and looping back to backup set A.


When all set of backups started the first time they all did a full backup on the Monday evening then incremental backups for the rest of the week up to the Friday evening. But when the fifth week started yesterday evening with backup set A, instead of doing a full backup (what I was guessing) it did an incremental backup only.


Could someone tell me how to set up the following backup strategy for every backup sets.

--> Full backup on Monday evening,

--> Then incremental backup from Tuesday to Friday evening.


Thanks for your help.



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