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faulty computer date shows in backup error


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I am using Retrospect Express HD for Windows 1.1.127 under Windows XP Professional. I have been plagued with the following error message which an uninstall, a reinstall, and a deletion of all previous backup sets on my Maxtor One-Touch Drive has not yet fixed. Here's the error:


Normal backup using DirectBackup at 12/7/2007 3:52 PM

Can't access Backup Set RestorePoint, error-1101 (file directory not found)

12/7/2007 352:50 PM: Execution incomplete


I get this error after trying an Automatic Backup. Since "12/7/2007" is some months away, I am somewhat baffled by this. I fear I may have inadvertently changed the date on my computer last year to a year ahead. I have searched my entire computer with any files created or modified on "12/7/2007" and can find none.


I have tried the fix for error 1101 in the Knowledge Base (i.e., to open the Retrospect Launcher and change my login id), but that does not seem to help.


Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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