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Retrospect Freezes on Windwos 2003

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We are currently having a severe problem with Retrospect. Anytime the software tries to access a tape in the tape drive it freezes the entire server and only a cold boot will resolve the problem. If there is no tape in the drive you can get in the software fine. We've tried running Symantec's backup product as a test and works fine. Our setup is as follows


Windows 2003 SBS

Quantum Ultrium LTO-2

Adpatec 39320 SCSI card

Retrospect 7.5.


Any help would be appreciated.


Derrick Morton

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We are experiencing this with a new HP Ultrium LTO3 drive.


As soon as a cartidge is put in, on request from Rretrospect, the whole machine freezes and requires a hard reboot.


Did you ever find a resolution to your problem? Hoping your answer will help me..



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