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Upgrade removed scripts?


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I downloaded the upgrade files after being prompted to install upgrades. After installation of the upgrade the program acted as if it was being installed for the first time including asking for registration keys. I cannot find any of the scripts that were set up before. I have managed to restore one catalog but that requires a lot of time.


How do I restore the scripts I previously created?


Why does an upgrade completely wipe out the scripts without any warning?

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Hmm - my upgrade had no problem - including not asking for the product key.

Just to confirm, you upgraded from a previous version of 7.5?


The scripts/configs for version 7.5 are stored in config75.dat - try seaching on your C: drive.

Previous versions are stored as configxx.dat - where, you guessed it, xx is the release and version number. I know this is true for 7.0 and pretty sure for 6.0 and 6.5. Earlier, not sure at all.


In Windows XP, the config file is in Documents/Settings, All Users, Application Data, Retrospect.

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