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retrospect pro and ftp?? can you do this.


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is it possible to use retrospect professional to backup over the internet? could i point it at an ftp server. if so how do i do this?


or alternatively, if i had say 2 offices networked together over the internet with a fast adsl connection, could i backup one office from the other?


any replies will be appreciated.



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You can back up files across a network in one of two ways:

1) using a Retrospet Client

2) adding the drive from the 2nd computer to your system (i.e. from Windows

Explorer: Tools/Map Network Drive


The first way will get you all files including protected files and the registry. NOWEVER

I can not get it to work on my system. I have asked for help twice on this list about

this but no one has responded. It used to work for me but I had to do a complete hard

disk reinstall and now I can't use the client to backup my wifes machine.


Note using method 2 you can not get to protected files such as the program directory or the

"Documents and Settings" or the "Program Files" directories as Windows protects them from

access across a network.

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