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Hello and thank you in advance for your help.


I am new to Retrospect and have been having trouble setting up the proper backup scheme. We are running about 10 Macs on an ad-hoc network. All the Macs (OS X 10.2.9 and up) are running the retrospect client.


I have created a backup set to backup all the documents from the client machines and then save them to the "Server's" hard disk everyday. This works fine. I am running another backup set to then take the Friday backup and put it to tape. This works fine.


The problem I am having is that when a user is not in the office and their machine is off, their data doesn't get backed up (obviously), but the backup set overwrites the entire backup (on the HD) so that this users data (from the last time they were in the office and their machine was on) gets deleted.


I am sure that this is a simple fix, and I am sure this is coverd somewhere in the forum, but i cant find it.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Thank you,



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the backup set overwrites the entire backup (on the HD)



Data in a Backup Set is never deleted unless you specifically perform a Recycle operation. You can Recycle manually or in a Script, so if that's what you are doing you should stop doing it.


Generally your best strategy is to perform Normal backups, which will only copy changed files. Over time, your Backup Set will grow, and you will at some stage want to Recycle it (or put it on the shelf and perform a New Media backup). Even then, you should never Recycle a Backup Set unless you have additional safe backup copies of your files (because if, at the moment you Recycled the Backup Set, one of your Sources were to spontaneously combust, you'd have no backup of it).

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