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Updated Qualstar Tape Library & Retrospect Doesn't See Both Drives


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I just upgraded our Qualstar 4222i Tape Library with two new SDX 900V (AIT-4) drives and am having trouble getting Retrospect (Multi Server v6.5.350) to recognize both drives -- it only seems to be using one of them. And when I click on Devices and it scans the library it says, "Sony AIT-4 (Device not responding)" at the very top of the device list. I have already updated the drive configuration settings on my Qualstar library to reflect the new drives installed, and have updated the Tape Drives drivers in the Windows Device Manager -- though both drivers are now disabled. (I believe Retrospect did this.) And the driver for the Medium Changer says "Unknown Medium Changer Device", as it always has.


What do I need to do in Retrospect to get it to recognize the new AIT-4 drives and work properly?

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The library (changer) should be disabled in the device manager - indicated by a red X over the icon. Retrospect has its own controls when launched that would interfere if Windows drivers were in charge.


I thought this was also true for the drives, however I just noticed my drives are not disabled, although they are connected via Qualstar Fibre Channel Option and the fibre bridge is disabled as well...


Does the 4222 use a virtual interface in the control panel such as "a,b,c,d" to assign and configure the tape drives as a group?


I know the SCSI ids need to be in order (Changer id=0, Drive 1 id=1, Drive 2 id=2, etc) for the library to have control of drives.

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