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Multiserver and dual SCSI cards crash OS


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I have a Windows 2003 server with 2 adaptec 29160 scsi cards connected to seperate LTO drives.


Running Retrospect Multi Server 7.5.324 patched to with different jobs scheduled for different tape drives - one runs then the other as we do not have Advanced Tape support installed.


For no obvious reason it will throw a Communication Error -102 on one or other job and when checking the SCSI card the system has lost track of it - then if you do anything to the Retrospect app - or sometimes just by itself, it crashes with blue screen. It seems to be a result of running 2 cards, the seerver has 2 other SCSI raid controllers.


I'm not sure if this is an OS related issue or bing caused by Retrospect - it is a production server so I do not have the luxury of 'playing'. It doesn't look like a SCSI id issue as they are normally work or not rather than work then crash.


Any ideas anyone?



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