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Slow backup to Firewire hard drive.

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I'm running Retrospect 5.0 on an iBook with OSX, and trying to backup about 30GB of local files to a firewire hard drive. A finder copy takes about an hour, but Retrospect took over 16 hours. What's wrong?? I understand that the cataloging and verification take some time, but that much??




Help - I need to be able to run these backups overnight and this is much too slow!

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Look in the operations log for the backup performance. How close is this to the Finder copy speeds?




Were there any errors?




Try doing a Retrospect Duplicate - do you get the same performance?




A Retrospect backup is going to take longer because the verification adds time. Retrospect also uses time for scanning, matching and reading permissions. Also, Retrospect may be copying hidden files that a Finder copy is missing. There isn't usually such a large discrepancy however.

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Interesting... I am Duplicating our ASIP Server (Current Projects folder only) to an external 25 gig. VST firewire drive and I too find it extremely slow, compared to Retro 4. I also, for some strange reason, find that it always duplicates ALL the files, not just the ones that have been updated since the last duplicate. I have searched and searched for a setting but to no avail. This is not using the Client on the ASIP server as I know it will crash the server. I auto-mount the volume on the desktop (G4 867 w/ 1 gig. ram) and then duplicate to the firewire drive from there using Retro 5.0.205.

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In reply to:

I have searched and searched for a setting but to no avail


That's because it's not a Retrospect issue, it's an OS X bug.




Volumes mounted via AFP will sometimes offset the dates by 1 second when mounted. Retrospect gets the dates from the OS, and sometimes the OS is wrong. This has been discussed on this Forum in a few different threads.







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Sorry - I realized that. This actually backs up everything each time - 25 gig. worth of data - which takes just a 'little' time. I have set the "Replace Corresponding Files" setting in the script. What I would hope it would do is only update/copy changed files since the last Duplicate, not Duplicate the whole thing again and overwrite the whole firewire disk. I run the script once a day, just before I leave, so I can bring it home with me. Since it takes so long, I end up without an off-site backup...

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